2023 HDay/STM Swimming Sr. Night
2023 Hockaday/STM
Swimming Sr Night

Please enjoy the images captured within the galleries found below. Share the memories with your family as all images are available for purchase:



Candids are available in the following sizes:

   Size*  -  Event Prints 

     4x6   -  $10.00 each 

     5x7   -  $15.00 each

   8x10   -  $25.00 each


New for 2022-23 Prints & Jpg offer (events only)

While we believe print will be kept longer, we also now are offering a print and jpg combo for those that want to share images digitally. This offer will include a low-resolution, non-printable jpg (good for screens), along with a print to keep in a scrapbook.  Prints will be mailed and jpgs will be emailed at the same time.

   Size*   -  Event Pricing

    4x6 +jpg - $35.00 each 


* Additional sizes and products are available upon request

* 8.25% Texas sales tax and shipping not included

* Large logo currently shown across middle is removed

*Image displayed within gallery may be cropped differently based on purchase. Integrity of image will be maintained


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